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Welcome to the International Education Institute Australia (IEIA). Our Institute
is committed to assisting and supporting schools to achieve at the highest international level possible and be the best.


The Institute is supported by a team of experienced educators, educational administrators, human resource managers, financial advisers, and employment legal advisors. Together they have had considerable experience in Australia and in international schools in Asia and the Middle East. Our team have worked in and with international schools, national and government schools, and independent schools. 


To provide you with up to date information, our consultants and our Institute are proud to be members of:




Our team provides educational services to support and assist schools, leaders, students, teachers, and parents in international and national schools in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. 


Our team includes:


• Curriculum Consultants


• Recruitment Consultants


• Teacher Review Consultants


• School Review Consultants


• Financial Administration Consultants


• Employment Legal Practitioners


We work with a team of experienced professional associates to ensure our advice is up to date and of the highest standard.
Our team can draw on an extensive network of contacts in the education and business sector in Australia, and internationally in Asia and the Middle East.


We are pleased to be partners with leading service providers in a number of areas including:


Vivid Teacher Recruitment is a leading Australian teacher recruitment firm for schools in Australia, and international schools, with experienced, and thorough recruiting staff.


IRIQ is a leading national employment firm with special experience in the Australian education employment law area.

We are also supported by:

  • An Australian migration agency that can assist you with visa applications and general migration matters

  • Australia's leading specialist publisher of educational resources for schools and teachers


Our Services

We aim to support and assist schools to achieve outstanding international standard outcomes.
We can assist and support you in the following areas:


School Leadership, Management and Administration:

• School Policy Audits, Reviews and Updates

• Role Description Audits, Reviews and Updates

• Satisfaction Survey Reports (For Students, Parents, Teachers)

• School Establishment and Start Up Assistance

• School Review or Accreditation Preparation

• School Improvement Reviews and Plans

• School Communication Reviews and Plans

• Safeguarding Children: Policies, Professional Development, Reviews

• Student Well Being Programs and Reviews

• School Performance Data Reviews

• Industrial and HR Matters: Letters of Appointment, Contracts, Employment Agreements

• School Induction Programs for Teachers and Parents


Curriculum Administration and Leadership:

• Curriculum Reviews (Individual Learning Areas or Whole School or School Sections)

• Learning Outcomes Improvement Reviews and Plans

• Student Performance Data Audits

• Targeted Curriculum and Pedagogy Programs (Literacy, Numeracy, English As An Additional Language, STEM, STEAM, Science)


Student Enrolment:

• Enrolment Strategy Development Plans

• School Marketing and Branding Reviews and Plans

• Enrolment Assistance For International Students

• School Enrolment Assistance For Parents


Teacher and Leadership Reviews and Performance Management:

• Teacher Recruitment

• Leadership Recruitment 

• Teacher and Leadership Performance Management

• Teacher Professional Development Needs – Reviews and Planning

• Mentoring Staff/Leadership Teams


We have considerable experience with data informed school improvement plans. We can review your current data, interpret your data, assist with the collection of additional data as needed, and review your school’s resources to align them to:

• Professional practice

• Assessment scope and sequence

• Teaching and learning

• Strategic planning

We are passionate about delivering targeted and engaging professional learning to teachers at all levels: Kindergarten to Year 12. We offer tailor-made professional development programs with formats that include:

• Staff workshops

• Face to face consulting

• Small group workshops

• Individual coaching and mentoring

• Personal consulting

• Confidential reviews

• Conference presentations



We use research based, best practices tailored to meet the needs of the specific schools or school district.

We work with teachers and educational leaders to ensure you have the strategies required to make meaningful sense of their data and any associated resources. Every school is different and we individualise our programs to your professional learning needs or strategic plans.


We can customize professional learning workshops for all school staff and cater for all levels of understanding. We provide school-based educational programs, staff development programs and professional learning at all levels: executive teams, teachers, and students.


For further information, please email




Professional learning workshops for teachers in 2020:

• Learning to Learn with Ralph Pirozzo in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh and Manila in July, 2020

• Data Management and Learning Outcome Improvements in Singapore, Jakarta in September, 2020

• Enhancing STEM Outcomes In The Middle School in Singapore, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur in October, 2020


For information about our Teacher Professional Development Workshops in 2020, please email:





Vacation school programs and workshops in Cairns and the Gold Coast, Australia, and Singapore in July, 2020:

• English Immersion Programs (5-7 Days with optional additional sightseeing tours) in Cairns and the Gold Coast, Australia

• Tropical Environmental Science Hands On Learning Program (4 Days with optional additional sightseeing tours and experiences) in Cairns, Australia

For information about our Student Vacation School Programs and Workshops in 2020, please email:



Recruitment And Human Resource Assistance

Human Resource Assistance

We provide a range of human resource services to assist School Boards and Principals, and senior school leaders with:
• Executive recruitment

• Mentoring for new Principals and senior leaders

• Mentoring for experienced principals

• Organizational, structural and governance advice

• Leadership and teacher performance reviews and issues management

• Leadership development assistance

• Interim management assistance


We take the time to understand your specific needs and to communicate regularly during an assignment. We can assist with prompt and practical immediate solutions. We can also assist with the development of  longer term plans and strategies.


We work in partnership with business and legal professionals on human resource management, employment or compliance areas and can assist you to access professionals with experience in the educational sector.

Recruitment and Placement of Teachers and Leaders

We provide assistance to teachers in international schools and in schools in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom to find suitable employment in schools in their region or in international schools overseas.


For information about recruiting teachers or leaders, or if you are interested in being placed in an Australian or international school, please email:


If you are a talented leader or teacher in the Education sector who would like to join our team of consultants please contact us to explore the possibilities.



Schools we assist often ask us about how they can access resources we use to assist schools. For your convenience some of our resources are able to be purchased below on line:

1. Generic School Policies

For more information, click here

2. Generic School Role Descriptions

For more information, click here


3. Book and Curriculum Resources

For more information, click here

4. Education Equipment and Resources

For more information, click here

We proudly support THE SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND and would be pleased to forward on any donations from you to this world wide fund. To donate directly and for more information, click here


Contact us


We are committed to assisting and supporting you and your school with relevant programs, services and strategies. We are passionate about offering customised professional learning experiences to support development and growth.



Phone: +61 (0) 414 927 982  or  +61 (0) 419 864 692


If you are phoning internationally, our offices operate on Eastern Australian Time. If you have any questions about how we might be able to assist you, please send us a message below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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