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It is essential that any thinking skills being modelled and taught are implemented school-wide in a clear manner of scope and sequence as part of a consistent and thorough thinking skills program. These 36 full-colour, laminated, A3 posters aim to assist in this important process by visually representing the specific thinking tools in Ralph Pirozzo’s The Thinking School: Implementing Thinking Skills Across the School. The easily displayable, quick-reference guides are the perfect resource to reinforce the thinking tools outlined in the book, providing teachers, administrators and students with quick memory aids that can be posted in the classroom, office or corridor.


These colourful, educational posters can be used in conjunction with Ralph Pirozzo’s book The Thinking School  (HB7658). This product is the complete set of Ralph Pirozzo's The Thinking School Tool posters. Each poster can also be purchased individually. 

Poster: The Thinking School Tool (Set of 36)

  • HBP361

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