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Providing effective feedback to teachers is critical in improving teaching standards and student performance – but how can we deliver this feedback in a way that does not lead to misunderstanding, animosity or the undermining of teachers' professionalism? To assist schools in ensuring that any feedback provided to teachers is both accurate and constructive, Implementing an Effective Teacher Feedback Program presents the Pirozzo Process: a step-by-step method for building a sustainable, low-cost teacher feedback program that can be implemented in any school.

This set of four A3 posters is designed to accompany the Implementing an Effective Teacher Feedback Program book. It is the perfect resource for educators who seek to inspire themselves and their colleagues as they embark on the Pirozzo Process to provide effective feedback for all teachers. Posters included in the set are as follows:


  • Implement an effective feedback program: The Pirozzo Process

  • Learning and Teaching Wheel

  • Engaging Wheel

  • Thinking Toolkit


The Implementing an Effective Teacher Feedback Program book is available on our shop.

You can also purchase a full set that includes both the book and four posters.

Poster: Effective Teacher Feedback (Set of 4)

  • HBP417

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